Post Apocalypse Studies


The Post Apocalypse Studies @ CNUThe Post Apocalypse Studies: Wrecks (Motorcycle)Charles H. Taylor solo show installationThe Post Apocalypse Studies: Wrecks (Jeep)Panorama Installation View @ CNUPanorama Installation View @ CNUA grouping of the relief print series @ CNUmotorcycle.jpgbeetle.jpgcrunchedhighlander.jpgflippedcar.jpgpickuptruck.jpgpoorprius.jpgSkees_hoopty.jpgSkees_jankbus.jpgSkees_jeep.jpgthepopo.jpgtumpedtruck.jpg


The Post Apocalypse Studies: Wrecks

The word “Apocalypse” has an origin in the Greek language (apokálypsis) and generally means, “the lifting of the veil” or “a revelation.” It has more popularly taken on the meaning of “The End Times” and generally gets most people all afluster.

This series of prints, panels, and vinyl mural installations, is my make-believe sketchbook of what I imagine to be left after everyone has freaked out and died. I believe there will be quite a lot of stuff smashed up and left to molder in the ruins.

So I begin with the most pathetic of icons, the white flag of the industrialized world:

The wrecked car.

-Alan Skees