A Building Block

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ABuildingBlock is a mass collaborative piece. Using the Internet as my medium I am exploring human nature and communication itself. In this project I advertise on public networking web sites (such as myspace.com) free stickers of building blocks. Each sticker is hand produced using a vinyl cutter, a ruler, and an x-acto knife along with many hours of labor. I cast these hand made stickers out into the world through the postal service at anyone’s request. I see the form of a building block as a symbol of great potential. Add one block to another block and you have more potential.

As a kid I played with blocks and could build anything I wanted, with these blocks I am building a network of people and assembling a virtual environment based on the photos people send me. Due to human nature the block sticker can be used for various things: such as a decorative emblem or a quick piece of graffiti… I don’t judge what you do with them, I only document. In creating this project I am looking at how we are gleeful victims (or vehicles) of pop culture. I don’t feel I am the author of this project, I see it as a construct of other authors who will bring their own influences to it.

As part of the project, I am recording where, when, and why a person chooses to place one of my stickers. The frame or context the sticker is applied in interests me. Is this project voyeuristic? Probably… but not in the creepy way. I do not give out any information on the people who choose to collaborate on this project and I respect their privacy. (I do not give out email, usernames, or any personal info other than the pictures sent to me and what writing there is.) I also do not profit from this project. As the project grows it will become its own entity… I will no longer be the author… only the facilitator.

If you wish to participate and receive stickers just email me your address (check the contact page). I only ask for a photo and some information on them in return.