Neu Naturalis


Neu Naturalis - Bismuth - 1_1Neu Naturalis - Bismuth - 1_2Neu Naturalis - Bismuth - 1_3Neu Naturalis - Bismuth - 1_4Neu Naturalis - Chalcopyrite %26 Bismuth - 4_1Neu Naturalis - Chalcopyrite %26 Bismuth - 4_2Neu Naturalis - Chalcopyrite %26 Bismuth - 4_3Neu Naturalis - Chalcopyrite, Bismuth, %26 Malachite - 1_1Neu Naturalis - Chalcopyrite, Bismuth, %26 Malachite - 1_2Neu Naturalis - Chalcopyrite, Bismuth, %26 Malachite - 1_3Neu Naturalis - Chalcopyrite, Bismuth, %26 Malachite - 1_4Neu Naturalis - Hemimorphite, Shell, %26 Dolomite - 2_1Neu Naturalis - Hemimorphite, Shell, %26 Dolomite - 2_2Neu Naturalis - Hemimorphite, Shell, %26 Dolomite - 2_3Neu Naturalis - Hemimorphite, Shell, %26 Dolomite - 2_4Neu Naturalis - Hemimorphite, Shell, %26 Dolomite - 3_1Neu Naturalis - Hemimorphite, Shell, %26 Dolomite - 3_2Neu Naturalis - Hemimorphite, Shell, %26 Dolomite - 3_3Neu Naturalis - Hemimorphite, Shell, %26 Dolomite - 3_4Neu Naturalis - Malachite - 1_1Neu Naturalis - Malachite - 1_2Neu Naturalis - Malachite - 1_3Neu Naturalis - Malachite - 2_1Neu Naturalis - Malachite - 2_2Neu Naturalis - Malachite - 3_1Neu Naturalis - Malachite - 3_2Neu Naturalis - Dolomite - 1_1Neu Naturalis - Dolomite - 1_2 Neu Naturalis - (1) Shell 1_4Neu Naturalis - (2) Shell 1_1Neu Naturalis - (3) Shell 1_2Neu Naturalis - (4) Shell 1_5Neu Naturalis - (5) Shell 1_3Neu Naturalis - (6) Shell 1_6Neu Naturalis - Shell (Group View)Neu Naturalis - Hemimorphite 1_1Neu Naturalis - Hemimorphite 1_2Neu Naturalis - Hemimorphite 1_3Neu Naturalis - Hemimorphite 1_4Neu Naturalis - Pink Geode 2Neu Naturalis - Pink Geode 1Neu Naturalis - Pink Geode 3Neu Naturalis - Nautilus and Barnacles - 1_1Neu Naturalis - Nautilus and Barnacles - 1_3Neu Naturalis - Nautilus and Barnacles - 2_3Neu Naturalis - Nautilus - 3_1Neu Naturalis - Nautilus - 3_2Neu Naturalis - Nautilus - 3_3 Neu Naturalis - Nautilus - 3_4

“Another glorious Sierra day in which one seems to be dissolved and absorbed and sent pulsing onward we know not where. Life seems neither long nor short, and we take no more heed to save time or make haste than do the trees and stars. This is true freedom, a good practical sort of immortality.”
– John Muir, My First Summer in the Sierra

During the Summer of 2014 my wife, my 9 month old daughter, and my inlaws set out for a cross country road trip. We drove from Coastal Virginia out to Montana, through Yellowstone, though endless plains and farmland, through mountain ranges, through the Badlands of the Dakotas, and into the forests of Canada and back. Seeing the land change, twist, and contort as we traveled was incredible. The active volcanic terrain of Yellowstone and wild living rock formations changing before my eyes left me with a sense of awe of the forces of nature and time. Along the way we also explored museums displaying active dig sites and exotic mineral and fossil formations. It is all of those experiences that influences these digital works.

In this series, I use bits of stone, minerals as well as fossils and shells we collected along our journey to compose the images. Micro lenses, motors, and video cameras were used to capture image data that was then filtered through slit scanning scripts in PROCESSING (a programming language). The scripts create these images with digitized textures and surface movement that are reminiscent of the shearing tectonic forces I saw in the rocks and land out in nature.

Consider this series as my sublime digital meditation on the forces that created and continue to change our beautiful planet.

-Alan Skees